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Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH!     Limited babies, all under 11 weeks old.  I’m headed back to the hospital shortly, and want to make sure these cuties are all… Read more »

A little more about us

Thank you for your interest in Terrapin Hedgehogs. We breed selectively throughout the year, and have babies relatively often. Stasi Kanyuck, owner, has been breeding hedgehogs for the last 18… Read more »

Food ordering

Food will be shipped generally within 3 days. food quantity 2.5#/6mo. $18.00 USD5#/12 mo. $30.00 USD Food mix is the one we have made, and tweaked, over the 18 years… Read more »

Open House

Please understand that Stasi is partially imuno-suppressed, and DO NOT! come if you are feeling AT ALL unwell. I no longer can do full open houses, though I will do… Read more »