If you’re interested, please fill out a questionnaire, or contact me if you have questions.

I do ask that you PLEASE be over 18 to fill out a questionnaire.  This is so I can make sure the whole family is involved, and know WHAT is involved in caring for a hedgehog.


I do not give out the information off the questionnaire. It is required before visits can be scheduled, or deposits made. The babies are typically reserved BEFORE weaning, meaning they cannot be visited.

You will be brought back to this page as blank after successfully sending the form. IF YOU HAVE A YAHOO ADDRESS, PLEASE EMAIL ME.

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What color/sex hedgie are you looking for (first choice, second choice)?
Do you currently, or have you ever, owned a hedgehog? If yes, then what sex is it, is it currently living with you, or what was its cause of death?
Will your hedgie be a family pet, a classroom pet, a show animal, or a breeding quality animal?
What will your hedgie live in? Give a full description including dimensions and toys. Will you provide a wheel for exercise? What other exercise will you give your hedgie? Please be aware that if you are not obtaining a cage set here, you will be required to have an approved cage prior to the hedgehog going home with you.
What will you feed your hedgie (please give specific brands)?
How often do you plan on cleaning the cage?
What will you do for veterinary care? Do you have a local vet that sees exotics? If so, please provide the name of doctor and telephone number.
Will you be willing to trim their nails and bathe as needed?
Do you ever plan on breeding your hedgie?
Who is the hedgie going to be a pet for? You or a child? If for a child, please indicate age(s).Please make sure if you are under 18 that a parent fills out this form.
What other pets do you own?
Will you allow your pets to interact with each other?
Will you allow your hedgie to roam around the house?
Do you have any questions?
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