Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs!

Happy ALMOST Spring!  LOL  I have a few babies listed, my waitlist has been made aware, and I’m willing to let anyone who’s filled out an approved questionnaire to put deposits on the little cuties that SHOULD be ready just about at Easter time!

After I have approved your questionnaire ( I will let you know ), you can place the  non-refundable $75 deposit if you choose to be on the waitlist.  The deposit  can be made via the Paypal button toward the middle of the available baby page. Please DO NOT send the deposit without confirming receipt of your questionnaire. The deposit is applied to the final cost of the hedgehog, it is not an additional charge.

Complete Cage Sets ($150) are available that come with ALL supplies, as are Carolina Storm Bucket Wheels separately ($35).  Details are listed on my ‘supply’ page.

All hedgehogs are $275.

With these babies you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, well socialized pet worth waiting for!


If you’re interested, please fill out a questionnaire, or contact me if you have questions.

I do ask that you PLEASE be over 18 to fill out a questionnaire.  This is so I can make sure the whole family is involved, and know WHAT is involved in caring for a hedgehog.


I do not give out the information off the questionnaire. It is required before visits can be scheduled, or deposits made. The babies are typically reserved BEFORE weaning, meaning they cannot be visited.

Please fill out the following questions and send it back to me.  When I do a formal questionnaire apparently it opens the door to hackers!  Yikes!





Gender of hedgehog preferred:

Type of cage being used, or getting the set here?

Bathing and Nail trimming can be difficult.  Are you willing to be patient and work with the hedgehog to get this done?

Are you willing to ‘hedgie’ proof part of your house to let them roam with supervision?

All hedgehogs are sold as pets only.  Is this agreeable to you?

I do ask that ALL hedgehogs sold by me are returned to me for ANY REASON at ANY age, and will NEVER be given to, sold, etc to anyone else.