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I am back!  We had a FABULOUS time in England.  But, am very glad to be back here, and dealing with some fabulous people!  I do have a few babies that were born a bit late for me to wean before leaving.  Luckily, my son stepped in and took over socialization.  They are ready to go, I do have a waitlist, but perhaps turn in your questionnaire in case there are any left. and perhaps be close to the top for the next group?

These are all male babies that are left, and all priced reasonably at $225.

continue your summer off with a new family member.   If you would be interested in one of them, please fill out a questionnaire After I have approved your questionnaire, you can place the non-refundable $75 deposit. The deposit can be made via the Paypal button toward the bottom of the available baby page. Please DO NOT send the deposit without confirming receipt of your questionnaire. The deposit is applied to the final cost of the hedgehog, it is not an additional charge.
With these babies you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, well socialized pet worth waiting for!

Click on the photo for available babies!

available babies
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Complete Cage Sets are available, as are Carolina Storm Wheels.  Details are listed on my ‘supply’ page.

All hedgehogs are $240 otherwise their price will be listed on the individual photos. The deposit IS applied to the balance owed on the hedgehog. Hedgehogs come with pre-post adoption support, ‘cliff notes’, sleep sack, info page (date of birth, parents, color, and my contact info) and a 2 week supply of our food mix.


Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask!  Please do NOT ask if you can bypass the questionnaire.  It’s there for a reason, and I will NOT make an exception.


Remember that adding a new pet to your home is a responsibility.

Once the babies are listed, they are still too young to have visitors, but you may choose them from the photos, and as long as they are available reserve one through a paypal deposit.

Typically they leave to their new homes at 7 weeks old. If you are interested in placing a deposit on one of them, please make sure to fill out a questionnaire. If you are under 18 – a parent will need to agree to be responsible for the animal. I cannot reserve or send a hedgehog home without a responsible adult being actively involved in the hedgehogs care.


You can rest assured that while I am working with/socializing your hedgehog, I am looking for any potential traits that negatively or positively will affect your household. I will alert you to any negatives, and work with you to find a hedgehog that fits your family. Babies do not firm their personalities at a young age, however, I have been raising hedgehogs for over a decade, and can see signs of many impending behaviors. Rest assured you’ll be getting a well adjusted, healthy new member of your family.